Return and Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is important to Biblical.World. If you are not completely satisfied with your order we will be happy to assist you. Please click on your customer type to for the correct Return and Refund policy and procedure.
Important for all customers:
1. You must notify Biblical.World of any problem with your order within 30 days of delivery of your order. 
2. Before you send any merchandise back, you must have authorization from Biblical.World staff. Failure to receive authorization could result in not receiving a full refund or an exchange.
Returns are a 3 step process. Please read through them and follow the instrucations.
Step 1: Determine the Problem
Before you contact  please complete all of following appropriate to your circumstance.

a) Damaged Item: digitally photograph the damage, then proceed to Step 2.

b) Wrong Item: double check the invoice that came with the order to confirm what was ordered. If there was indeed a mistake, proceed to Step 2.
c) Missing Item: check all the packing materials inside the box. If there was indeed a mistake, proceed to Step 2.

d) Dissatisfied with Item: proceed to Step 2.
Step 2: Contact Biblical.World
Complete the Contact Us Form or send an email to with the following information. 

• First and Last Name
• Order or Invoice Number
• Briefly describe the problem with the merchandise
• If the merchandise is damaged, please attach the digital pictures of the damage to an email.

Step 3: Wait for instruction from Biblical.World.
We will carefully examine the information you provide and determine the best course of action. Based on the problem and the value of the item we will determine if we need to have the item returned or not. It is important to wait for a response because unauthorized merchandise returned will result in a loss to the customer.
It is our promise to you as our customer that the issue will be resolved and given all attention necessary.
General Refund and Exchange Policy
► All merchandise purchased through the internet is returnable.
► Returns valued $30 or more: you have the option of an exchange or a refund.
► Returns valued under $30 are for exchange only. The merchandise can be exchanged for the same product or a product of like value.
► When returning merchandise, incoming Israeli customs duties may be charged. In some cases this amount may be subtracted from your refund or return value. If this will be the case, staff will notify you before you receive authorization to return the item.

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