Payment Policy wants your business; therefore we offer a variety of ways to pay for your order. If you have any questions, please use our Contact Us form.

All orders, both retail and wholesale, must be paid by one of the following methods at the time the order is placed.
We can no longer accept orders without payment information entered.

This policy covers:

Payment Options
Order Fulfillment and Payments
Banking Fees

Payment Options

Credit Cards

The website accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club credit cards. If your card is being declined and you are sure there is available credit, please contact your credit card company to ensure the transaction is not being blocked. Sometimes the credit card company blocks international transactions for fraud protection. You need to call and approve the charge then try again.

Check Cards and Debit Cards

We are able to accept check cards and debit cards as long as the card carries the logo of one of the above mentioned credit cards. If your card is being declined on and you are sure funds are available, please contact your bank to ensure you can use your card for international transactions.

Credit Card Gift Cards

We can accept gift cards from the above mentioned credit card companies; however, this can be problematic as they are often not for use outside the country of issue. Call the number on the back of your credit card gift card to confirm if it can be used for purchases outside of your country.


Paypal transactions with a credit card will be shipped immediately.

Paypal transactions with an eCheck will be shipped as soon as the payment is confirmed. This takes between 3 – 14 days depending on the bank. Please note that this is the time before the order is shipped.

When purchasing with your Paypal account usually you will be charged in your local currency. Your credit card or bank statement will read “T-Land Ltd Israel” for the transaction. Gift Cards Gift Cards are always accepted as payment. Your Gift Card number to be entered into the payment section of the checkout is under the scratch back on the back of the card. Please do not include the number to the left of the scratch box.

Bank Transfers

For some orders we will accept a bank transfer. However, this needs to be prearranged with Please contact us directly if you want to pay for an order with a bank transfer.

Checks and Money Orders no longer accepts checks or money orders as a form of payment. If you do not have a credit card or debit card, a Paypal eCheck is an option to consider.

Order Fulfillment and Payments

All payments are approved when your order is submitted. does its best to keep stock up-to-date on the website. However, there will be occasions when there is a discrepancy between the items available on the website and the stock available in the warehouse. In this case you will be notified by email that your products cannot be filled as ordered. You will be given one or more of the following options.

1) will offer you the closest alternative product in our inventory. The simplest solution is to accept this alternate product.

2) You can choose another product of the same value +/- 10% on items up to $100, +/- 5% on items over $100.

3) A coupon for your next order for the value of the missing item.

4) Refund to your credit card or Paypal account. This option is available only for items with a value of US$30 or more.

WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: Option 4 is not available for Wholesale Customers.

Banking Fees is located in Israel; all credit card and debit card orders are charged in US Dollars and Paypal orders are usually charged in your local currency. When placing your order please be aware that an international banking fee or exchange fee may be added to your total. This fee is not from This fee is from your financial institution. Please contact your credit card company, bank or PayPal to further discuss any banking fees. has no control over these fees.

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