The Boat and the Sea of Galilee

The Boat and the Sea of Galilee

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The Boat and the Sea of Galilee by Lea Lofenfeld Winkler and Ramit Frenkel - An Archaeological Glimpse into the World of Jesus
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The Boat and the Sea of Galilee

The story of the discovery, excavation and preservation of the Biblical World told in a colorful, dramatic and most-captivating manner.

Part I focuses on the Biblical World .
Part II adds information about the historical background and other important Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee.

The book leaves the readers with a thorough understanding of the significance of the Sea of Galilee boat including the historical context within which it was sailed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Hard Cover.
104 pages.

From the Books Back Cover:

" In 1986, when drought brougth the level of the Sea of Galilee unusally low, the tow brothers Moshe and Yuval Lufan unearthed the timber frame of an ancient fishing boat. Archaeologist Kurt Raveh was to call the 2,000-year-old boat - of the very type Jesus used to sail the Galilee - the most important discovery of the twentieth century.

Recovery and preservation of the waterlogged "Jesus boat" was a unique challenge, as no other wooden object had ever survived two millennia in sweet water. 

Here is the emotional, suspenseful and inspiring story of the boat and those who dedicated fourteen years of their lives to making it available for all the world to see."

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