03 Dec 2010

New and Improved!

Shalom to all our dear friends and customers. biblical.world made some great improvements. We are now faster and have an updated look. With our new system we are able to offer you better coupons and specials. We invite you to explore biblical.world. We think you are going to love it! Please contact us with any technical difficulties.

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23 Feb 2012

Support an Israeli Soldier!

It is tremendously satisfying to be able to give an Israeli soldier the joy or Purim. Show a young defender of Israel that you care,that they are not alone, and that we are all part of Israel. For Purim 2012 we offered a basket full of goodies for only $19.90. We delivered the goodies to an IDF soldier on your behalf with a note from you.

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20 Mar 2012

Passover starts April 6th

As Yeshua‘s Last Supper was the Passover Seder, celebrating Passover is a wonderful way to explore the Jewish Root of your faith. The Biblical World Shop wants to encourage you by offering a beautiful variety of Passover products in our Passover Shop including Seder Plates, Matzah Covers, Haggadahs. Need help choosing? Feel free to contact us!

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08 Apr 2012

A New Spring in Israel!

As spring moves into Israel the winter rains come to a close. The sun warms the Land bringing nourishment and life. Spring - a time of renewal and spectacular beauty in Israel. Wild flowers are bursting with glory from northern Galilee to the desert of Eilat. Feel the renewal of the Holy Land with specially priced new Edom Dead Sea Cosmetics Kits. The Biblical World Shop also has items featuring lovely wildflowers of Israel.

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18 Apr 2012

Yom HaShoah

As night falls on the 18th of April the State of Israel commences a 24 hour period of mourning for those murdered in the Holocaust. Called HaShoah, the Catastrophe, in Hebrew, the Holocaust took 6 million Jewish victims, of which 1.5 million were children. Please donate a tree to the Holocaust Children‘s Forest in remembrance of their lives.

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25 Apr 2012

Happy Birthday Israel!

64 years ago Israel was re-born! The original Biblical World Store is proudly offering Independence Day Specials. Visit our Independence Day page and click on a product, below the picture you will see the special offering on 2 items with savings of up to 20%! These Israel products are a great way to show your support of Israel and the IDF.

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09 May 2012

Shavuot Specials!

Shavuot is a harvest holiday that celebrates when the Jewish people were given the Torah. Traditions of Shavuot include decorating with the Seven Species of Israel, reading the Book of Ruth and studying the Torah all night long. This season we have two great specials: The Excellent Woman Set and the Pomegranate conficture Set. for more information about Shavuot...1

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10 May 2012

A Special Thanks to biblical.world customers from the IDF soldiers!

At Purim we asked you if you wanted to help us honor the IDF soldiers. You said YES! Here‘s the soldiers‘ special message for your generosity!

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17 Jul 2012

Summer in Israel

What has not been said about summer in Israel? We know that it can be overwhelmingly hot. We know most people choose to stay indoors while secretly hoping that it would be over. But what is summer in Israel a manifestation of? How does it influence our behavior?

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12 Aug 2012

Back to School

Gear up for the school year with fun school stuff from Israel. Now you can advocate standing with Israel all year round. "I Love Israel" school supplies were designed especially for Israel supporters like you. Who said supporting Israel was not cool?

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