05 Oct 2014

About the Biblical-World.com Blog

This blog is meant to be your connection to life in the Galilee and the Holy Land.

This blog is meant to be your connection to life in the Galilee and the Holy Land.

Through this blog we wish to build a community of those who love Israel and pray for her regularly. We post articles and different aspects of Jewish Holidays, what everyday life is like in Israel, Jewish traditions and Biblical perspectives. We hope you will find our articles educational and inspirational.

Here you will also find our Learning Center. This is succinct articles about the basics of Jewish and Israeli holidays, Judaica, Israel facts and a glossary of terms used throughout our articles. This will provide a foundation for all other articles.

Finally, you will also find information about the Ancient Galilee Boat or Biblical World from which we take our name. The Biblical World is a 2000-year-old fishing vessel that was discovered buried in the mud on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It was excavated and now is housed in the museum where we share our offices and store.

We warmly welcome to you become part of our community. You can subscribe to our blog and receive notices when new articles are posted. We also encourage you to comment on our posts and forward them to friends and family.

The Boat’s Knot is part of the website Biblical-World.com which has been part of the international community of Christians, Messianic and Jews for more than 25 years. We are suppliers of Holy Land products all over the world. Some of our posts will pertain to bringing you top-quality Holy Land prices directly to you.